4 comments on “Best advice I got before retiring

  1. Hi Harris! Love the oven mitt! Your description made me think of Max Weinstein of the E Street Band…I read somewhere that he’d ice his hands in between sets. Maybe this is true and helps?
    “All About the Bass” — When I first heard a bubblegum/torch performance of that song I couldn’t get it out of my head for days! Oh no… 🙂


    • Hey kid.
      Nice to hear from you again.
      “All About the Bass” seems to be the Millenial’s “Achy Breaky Heart”.
      And once, in a meeting with the Directors of our office with my job on the line …
      I actually used that Billy Ray milestone to explain to them what it’s like to live with ADD.
      Saved my ass. My job.
      Well, that and the Americans With Disabilities Act.

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