2 comments on “Going to visit our Grandson!!!!! Which religion do we follow?

  1. Lots of people are caught by the dogmatic teachings of man. A majority of Christians does not even bother to read regularly the bible, the Book of books itself.
    In many Christian Churches there is also tried to bring fear into people, not getting to what should be really understood of ‘the fear for the Lord’. It is having awe for God and coming to an intimate relationship with the Supreme Being.
    Lots of people do forget that there are ‘many roads to Rome’ (as a way of speech) and that for each of us an other road may be chosen to come to God. Most important is that we do find the Way to the Right and Only One God.

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    • Tell you what:
      about the only thing that gets to me more than the religion of politics is the politics of religion.
      I’d like to think God meant it to be a lot simpler than man has made it.
      An intimate, personal relationship with either God, His only begotten son (or His baby mama for some) is something someone has to build on their own.
      Not everybody else’s blueprints or road map will work.

      Glad to hear from you.
      And I appreciate the reply.



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