3 comments on “The Notebender, Norma Shearer and Me Little Broe-tha’s Mum

  1. What a wonderful heartfelt post. Thanks for this one, Harris.
    If you haven’t already tried this, maybe check old newspapers for wedding announcements and the like. Pictures may be included. The local libraries are a great help for this type of research, if you’re interested.


    • Thanks for the kind words, and this is sort of strange:
      I got a Facebook message from a really close friend of mine about 7PM yesterday (Tuesday).
      His Mum had passed away.
      He had gone back to visit her a month or so ago, and my understanding is they both feared it would be their last time shared.
      Thomas came back from Felixstowe (UK), a week later his Mum was back in a Care Home, and yesterday she was gone.
      We exchanged a few texts this evening (I h8 txts), I finally texted him and asked if he would answer if I called him. Either way, I’d be cool with it.
      My phone rang about a minute or two later, and it was Thomas.
      “What’s up?”
      I’ll be spending the day with him tomorrow.

      I’m starting to believe more and more that things don’t just happen for cosmic shits and giggles.

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      • I hope you had a good day with Thomas. He’s lucky to have a friend like you, especially at a time like this. I’ll have to remember, “What’s up?” Thanks for the excellent advice (although I know it wasn’t intended as such). You may be on to something about why things happen.
        I h8 txts — thanks for the laugh!


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