3 comments on “If we could talk to the animals …

  1. Funny. The past couple of days I’ve been thinking about this topic: talking to animals. Way different than you though. My thoughts were, “Another reason I wish I were a princess. They all seem to be able to talk to/with animals.” I’d love to be able to do that. I love animals.

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    • The seal pup in the picture was likely waiting for Mama to get done fishing, gathering dinner. We had been at the beach for an hour or so looking for sand dollars and shells, hadn’t noticed the pup till we were about thirty feet away.
      Stuck around largely to make sure people didn’t go bother her, get in her face, stick their cameras or phones in her face, the usual stuff.
      Pup finally realized we weren’t going to bother her, started watching us and letting loose with a gentle bark every now and then.
      It took me about five minutes to walk the thirty feet to get to her, and I just spoke gently to her for a minute or so, went back to our beach chairs, sat back down.
      After a short time, she was napping.
      A park ranger drove by, we flagged him down, and he ended up staying with the pup for a while. When we passed the beach again an hour later, the ranger was still there, his Jeep parked on the beach about fifty feet from the pup.
      Called the local ranger station the next day to check on her, and they said Mama returned to feed her, they hung around for a while. The pup followed Mama into the shallow waves, they might have gotten another small fish or two and they split.
      They said we were probably a comfort for the pup while she was alone: she had yet to learn that humans can be assholes.
      Fact is… I think the pup was there to comfort us too.

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