4 comments on “A simple favor to ask

  1. Wow. Funny considering what I just posted. Thank you for directing me to this post. I loved it. I loved hearing the proof that this can work. I loved…all of it. I just loved it because I can so closely relate. Thank you thank you thank you.


    • I read your post first, actually..
      This post started as my Reply to yours, and I figured…
      why keep stuff like this to ourselves.
      Your Facebook page needs to hear as much as possible from those who haven’t run away or walked away or crept away or slithered away from those in their lives with BPD.
      Getting the word out might mean almost as much to me as it does to you, if for no other reason than my Depression or Anxiety Disorders are misunderstood, and you guys get stuck with a label that makes you sound like the love children of Norman Bates and Alex Forrest (the Glenn Close character in “Fatal Attraction”, which is so poetic in that Glenn is the national spokesperson for NAMI).

      Keep inspiring me and so many others, my precious little sister.
      You do it so well.



  2. Sometimes I just want to be held by my boyfriend. He usually knows when its okay. I’m glad that your wife has you to help her through her difficult moments. Having a supportive significant other is extremely helpful to us who deal with mental illness.

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    • And I’ve got her.
      I’m being treated (have been for years) for Depression and Anxiety, I am not being treated as I need to be for ADD because the only thing that helped was Ritalin, and after having lost my sight in one eye due to a blood clot and high blood / eye pressure, they took me off the speed.
      Ritalin, after all, is the red-headed stepchild of the amphetamine family.
      Went off of it, couldn’t handle the mental complexities of my job (and there were some humdingers) that had been easily maneuvered for fifteen years.
      Retired about six years earlier than I figured I would.
      And Liz knows when I need my space, when I need to be held, when I need for her to understand “Oh, shit – he’s off and running again!” and when I need for her to talk some sense into me.
      But I appreciate your kind words and the satisfaction of knowing something I said reached someone.



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