3 comments on “My definition of “poetic”

    • Actually, I’ve heard / read / seen “made in Russia”, “assembled in Russia”, “the Izhmash factory will start producing” and a few varieties of descriptions associating Russia with Glocks. Also have read that there is / will be a factory in Georgia. Have ….
      Ahhh, never mind.
      I used the brand name “Glock” because it’s almost synonymous with the word “handgun” – like the brand name “Jacuzzi” and “hot tub”. That speaks to the quality of both of those products.
      And I’ve heard “Russian” and “Glock” in the same sentence a bunch of times.
      For a twenty-seven word post of a sarcastic, humorous, or smart-ass nature, I don’t spend a whole time double-checking any facts.
      Guess I’ll modify it to “Austrian”. Not quite the shock values of “Russian”, but if it’s more accurate, all the better.


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