2 comments on ““How much for a box of Froot Loops?”

  1. I also wore my hair long, half way down my back; rode a motorcycle, wore leathers and often a Ramones tee shirt. I remember the looks that I used to get — it was better than being ignored. ~ Dennis


    • There’s safety in obscurity, and at first people tended to shy away from me. Not knowing what to expect, I guess. The upside-down American flag in my cubie was a real conversation piece, drew a number of complaints, until our Office Director explained to a number of the Supervisors that it was a distress signal. I even printed up that part of the U. S. Code identifying it as such.
      It was also not some politicial statement: it stayed up there through a portion of three diametrically opposed Administrations, was only taken down during the week following 09/11.
      Actually, after a while “that hippie” was the go-to guy for dealing wiith some agonizingly recalcitrant clients, the ones put off by “The System”. Like I was one of them.
      Maybe I was, but this post speaks a lot to the way I handled things and why / how I could relate to them and they to me.
      “The Ramones” would have been a nice touch.
      Did have a picture of Henry Rollins in my cubie my daughter gave me from the old “Black Flag” days.
      Good hearing from you, my friend.



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