One comment on “Let’s tie one on for the guy who got rid of the snakes!!!!

  1. I’m not exactly sure where you were going with all this, but since you were an Irishman raised outside of the Irish influence, or so I assume – this may or may not help.

    St. Patrick’s Day has become an excuse for getting drunk, as if the Irish have a need for this. Some indeed take it a bit too far but it was probably designed to help the hard working laborers in the mines and factories to be able to blow off some steam and celebrate being Irish. Now since the Irish are typically friendly people, they decided to include everyone in the celebration, and so some Paddy who obviously kissed the Blarney Stone, declared that everyone was Irish on St. Paddy’s Day. Truth be known, some smart pub owner or even the beer makers came up with this idea. Plus
    the Viking influence must have chimed in, having DNA known to be plundering sex fiends, if you add all the other women in the world, it certainly gives one a wide variety to choose for nocturnal purposes. This would apply to both sexes, I’m just speaking from a male perspective. Yes, i’m half joking here.

    Now my personal opinion about all this drinking, would follow my standard response from those who have asked the question: what kind of Irishman are you – you don’t even drink? I look at them right in the eye, and say: “I’m a smart one!” These days, having lost two siblings to fire water, makes me even more glad that I never started.

    In my family, which was quite large, my parents celebrated with Irish food and music – to help us understand our roots and the emotional ties that go way back to the isle of Ireland. Why we feel the way we do, how we were shunned for being Irish when we came to America, how the English stole our farmlands and stared us to death, and how far we came in spite of all. The movie “The Quiet Man” was a must see every year. And I’m sure you saw ‘Gangs of NY’ by Martin Scorsese, which showcases what life was to be an Irishman in NY at that time. And “Far and Away”, about the free land rush way down south back in the day.

    Still, I’m amused at the fact that it was an Irish marksman who took out two English generals in the American Revolutionary War, helping to end that war much sooner than the Brits had planned, or so the History of The Irish in America (made for TV series) has documented. Ironic in my book, since many Irish came here because they were being starved out of Ireland or had their farms taken for taxes etc by the Crown.

    The stanza in “Galway Bay” best sums up the fighting spirit and endurance of the Irish:
    “For the strangers came and tried to teach us their way.
    They scorned us just for bein’ what we are.
    But they might as well go chasin’ after moon beams
    Or light a penny candle from a star.”

    Now as far as racist, I think the whole world is racist – in that is they think of themselves better than some other group, and make remarks that only a select few seem to get away with in our slanted press and ‘tail wagging the dog’ society.
    We still have freedom of speech here, or do we? There in lies the real question…


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